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Masus Riga


Hallstatt, Late 50's, Male, Moderately fit

Masus’ father moved to Turmeric Arbustum as a young man and married into one of the better families. Masus was born in Turmeric Arbustum but is still considered an outsider. This is part of what fuels his hatred of the Tofilo Family. Masus Riga is the patriarch of the family. He recently lost a gang war with Castis Tofilo at the end of 175 AoE. His son, Kelus Riga, was killed by a Koori.

Masus is a subtle man and will not directly attack unless he has an overwhelming advantage.

Masus is very angry over the lose of his son. He has taken what little is left of his resources to hire priests of Naveh to hunt down Ulgaden Chinbat and kill him.


David Tannen

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