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Thrak - The Gate Keeper

Thrak is an immortal being that was created by the Elder Gods of Nyonia. He was one of the original 10 life forms created in Nyonia. The early beings created in Nyonia were all immortal. It was not until Ilvir created the Cycle of Life that mortals became a part of Nyonia. Thrak is known today as The Gate Keeper; the one who watches over the realms of the afterlife. Only through Thrak can one ascend from afterlife realm of Purgatory to the afterlife realm of Utopia. Thrak is the strongest of all the immortals and holds honor in the highest regard. There is a Legend that tells of a time when Thrak once slayed another immortal because only because he believed they were acting dishonorably. The original text that contained this story was lost but is rumored to be in an ancient city ruins somewhere in The Land of Five Spices.

Thrak was created by Ilvir with the sole purpose of keeping watch over the realms of the afterlife. There are small sects that honor Thrak as though he were a god because of his role in the afterlife and because he is one of the 10 eldest immortal beings. These sects call themselves Thrayites and pray to Thrak at grave sites throughout Nyonia. Those that worship him have taken to wearing a symbol of a skull with eyes that has a T etched above each eye.

In Thrak’s duties as The Gate Keeper he decides which beings will go between the two afterlife realms , Purgatory and Utopia. Thrak demands that all sentient beings live a life of honor and goodness. To ensure they live a life of honor and goodness Thrak has created 5 Laws of Honor that all mortals must follow. Any mortal fails to follow the 5 Laws of Honor will not be allowed to ascend from Purgatory into Utiopia after death. Most races believe that the Thrak requires specific burial rights for the dead to maintain honor and be allowed passage to Utopia; Thrak does not actually demand this however.

The 5 Laws of Honor are as follows:

  1. All mortal sentient beings must not harm one another without cause.
  2. No being may take from one another which does not belong to them.
  3. You must help other beings when it is possible to do so.
  4. You must obey the rules of the land.
  5. No being may stand down from life’s many challenges.
  • Spheres of influence: The Cycle of Life, The realms of the Afterlife
  • Symbols: Skull with eyes intact and a T carved above each eye.
  • Artifacts: Scroll of Honor (First known writing of The 5 Laws of Honor), Tomb of the slain immortal, Original text of the battle of the slain immortal.
  • Thrak does not require service or sacrifice and has no love of music.

David Tannen

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