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Wangai Magic

The Wangai's magic is a direct gift from Peoni - Lady of Industrious Labors and Ripe Harvest. Almost all Wangai worship Peoni. Wangai magic is intended primarily intended to help the community survive. The offensive and defensive magic is intended to confuse, befuddle, and constrain enemies.

  • Spell of the Stinging Swarm
  • Selgar’s Leafy Shackles
  • Berin’s Word of Warping
  • Acid Rain
  • Acid Cloud
  • Ball Lightning
  • Spell of Community
  • Selgar’s Unfriendly Terrain
  • Selgar’s Thorny Wall
  • Wall of Earth
  • Protection vs. Acid
  • Selgar’s Barkskin
  • Trendel’s Wilderness Denizens
  • Trendel’s Deadly Vines
  • Spell of Weather Working
  • Spell of Bounty
  • Spell of Putrefaction
  • Spell of Preservation
  • Spell of Ice
Game Mechanics for Magic

David Tannen

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