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Samara Magic

Samara brought spirit magic with them when they came to Nyonia. Spider Grandmother and Tawa (Samara Creation Story ) gifted Samara with spirit magic so they would surivive and thrive on Nyonia. Samara shamans are able to craft kachina dolls which represent the spirit the shaman intends to call forth. Some shamans are able to become one with the kachina and take on the form of the kachina.


  • Fino’s Command of Spirits
  • Fino’s Destruction of the Spirits
  • Fino’s Call to the Spirit Horde
  • Become the Nataska
  • Call forth Kokopelli
  • Defense of the Mong
  • Defense of the Kalavi
  • Fino’s Lesser Spirit Ward
  • Fino’s Greater Spirit Ward
  • Call forth Tuwalakum
  • Call forth Chakwaina
  • Call forth Toho
  • Fino’s Call of a Spirit Animal
  • Call for the spirit of Patung
  • Become the Patung
  • Become the Huhuwa
  • Call forth Angak
  • Call forth Koko
  • Kino’s Journey to the Spirit Realm
  • Kino’s Spirit Walking
  • Kino’s Retrieving the Spirit
Game Mechanics for Magic

David Tannen

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