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Marius Magic

Marius mages power comes directly from Agrik - Warlord of Balgashang. In some cases mages worship Agrik, but in other cases they do not actively worship Agrik. Marius mages have the ability to affect their own fighting abilities and the abilities of the troops that they lead.

Individual warrior

  • Marius’ Hand
  • Marius’ Strength
  • Marius’ Scything Blade
  • Incendiary Oil
  • Aura of Command
  • Shield of Steel
  • Hardiness of Marius
  • Dig Trench
  • Salve to Polish Armor
  • Salve to Repair Armor
  • Marius’ Healing
  • Ever vigilant guard


A Marius mage must be proficient with individual warrior magic before they can able to learn any of the commander magic.

  • Augmented Accuracy
  • Legion of bolts
  • Banish Fatigue
  • Strength of Ten Men
  • Troop Fortitude
  • Troop Palisade
  • Swift Charge
  • Unit Cohesion
Game Mechanics for Magic

David Tannen

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