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Ligurian Magic

Ligurian magic grew out of their metal working and the need to create very hot and pure fires. Because Agrik - Warlord of Balgashang is closely associated with fire, some Ligurian mages worship Agrik - Warlord of Balgashang.

  • Blaithelock’s Boil Liquid
  • Blaithelock’s Flaming Blade
  • Blaithelock’s Fiery Arrow
  • Blaithelock’s Fireball
  • Blaithelock’s Smelting Furnace
  • Blaithelock’s Ward vs. Fire
  • Blaithelock’s Wall of Fire
  • Blaithelock’s Quench Fire
  • Blaithelock’s Call to Flame
  • Blaithelock’s Perception of Fire
  • Blaithelock’s Eyes of Fire
Game Mechanics for Magic

David Tannen

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