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Hammeh Magic

The Hammeh have a special connection with Sarajin - Lord of the Icy Wind. He gifts his followers in two distinct and different ways. For some Sarajin - Lord of the Icy Wind] gives the gifts of a Shaman. But others Sarajin - Lord of the Icy Wind "blesses" with the rage of the bear, they become a Berserker.


A person "blessed" by Sarajin - Lord of the Icy Wind with the power of the Berserker becomes as tough and strong as an enraged bear. The rage lasts for a short period of time and afterwards leaves the person in a weakened state.


  • Command Spirits
  • Spirit Destruction
  • Spirit Horde
  • Speaking to the “weapon” spirit
  • Become the Yeti
  • Lesser Spirit Ward
  • Greater Spirit Ward
  • Call upon the Spirits of the City, Fields, Flames, Forest, House, Stones, and Waters
  • Summon Spirit Animal
  • Speak with the Dead
  • Journey to the Spirit Realm
  • Spirit Walking
  • Retrieving the Spirit
  • Shamans Healing Hand
Game Mechanics for Magic

David Tannen

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