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Hallstatt Magic

Almost every Hallstatt merchant uses magic to improve their ability to trade. Hallstatt magic is closely associated with Halea - Unchaste Mistress of Golden Bargains. Other Nyonians see Hallstatt merchants as thieves because a Hallstatt merchant able to sell almost anything to anyone. A Hallstatt merchant can also encourage almost anyone to buy anything at whatever price they decide to set the price at.

  • Belzorath’s Dominion of the Mind
  • Belzorath’s Invocation of the perfect gift
  • Benthara’s Spell of Bliss and Despair
  • Benthara’s Spell of Consumption
  • Benthara’s Mindreading
  • Prismatic Blast
  • Sigard’s Spell of Varying Visage
  • Sigard’s Spell of the Diverse Self
  • Sigard’s Spell of the Iron Mind
  • Appraising
  • Clean Shop
  • Evaluate Goods
  • Guild Skills
  • Lanterns
  • Song of the Marketplace
  • Detect Lie
  • Detect Illusion
Game Mechanics for Magic

David Tannen

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