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Glauberg Magic

The Glauberg have delved deeply into the true nature of magic. They have perfected their magic into a form called Arcanomancy, which allows them to manipulate magic at the most fundamental level. A typical mage from Glauberg is able to augment, disrupt, suppress and potentially steal magic from any other mage on Nyonia. Glauberg mages are also the only mages capable of investing items with magical properties. The process is slow, expensive and dangerous.

  • Ambernaud’s Augmentation
  • Ambernaud’s Disruption
  • Ambernaud’s Suppression
  • Ambernaud’s Suppression Sphere
  • Malagaw’s Arcane Theft
  • Malagaw’s Arcane Retribution
  • Malagaw’s Arcane Absorption
  • Malagaw’s Strong Defenses
  • Velthune’s Shield
  • Velthune’s Wall
  • Velthune’s Dismissal
  • Boadlane’s Detect Magic
  • Enchanting Items
Game Mechanics for Magic

David Tannen

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