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Elam Magic

Many Elam merchants use magic to improve their ability to trade. Elam magic is closely associated with Halea - Unchaste Mistress of Golden Bargains. Vandicar was a Elam mage researched how Clean Shop worked and developed two well known and often quite lethal spells, Vandicar's Hand of Strength and Vandicar's Steel Darts.

  • Benthara’s Mindreading
  • Vandicar’s Whetstone
  • Vandicar’s Hand of Strength
  • Vandicar’s Steel Darts
  • Vandicar’s Preserved Form
  • Vandicar’s Skin of Steel
  • Sigard’s Spell of the Iron Mind
  • Appraising
  • Clean Shop
  • Evaluate Goods
  • Song of the Marketplace
  • Vandicar’s Polish to Perfection
  • Ashira’s Feasting Spell
Game Mechanics for Magic

David Tannen

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