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Askum Magic

The Wangai first taught the Askum about Peoni - Lady of Industrious Labors and Ripe Harvest and her ways. Many of the Askum started to worship PeoniPeoni gifted some of Askum with the blessing of her magic.

  • Pacify Beast
  • Spell of the Stinging Swarm
  • Selgar’s Leafy Shackles
  • Berin’s Word of Warping
  • Berin’s Arrows Aplenty
  • Animal Forms
  • Selgar’s Unfriendly Terrain
  • Selgar’s Thorny Wall
  • Selgar’s Barkskin
  • Trendel’s Wilderness Denizens
  • Trendel’s Deadly Vines
  • Camouflage
  • Woodland Stealth
  • Tracking Mastery
  • High and Dry
  • Perfect sleeping weather
  • Wilderness Feast
  • Mending
Game Mechanics for Magic

David Tannen

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