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Ainu Magic

Ainu magic comes in two forms, one is based on crafting runes onto an item which gives the item magical qualities. The other is based on directly manipulating stone.

Runic Magic

  • Rune of Shattering Rock
  • Rune of Victory
  • Rune of Sharpness
  • Rune of Cleaving
  • Rune of Defense
  • Rune of Protection vs. Fire
  • Rune of Weapon-Breaking
  • Rune of Sight
  • Rune of Preservation of metal

Stone Magic

  • Call to Stone
  • Hands of Stone
  • Stony Fists
  • Stone to Mud
  • Wall of Stone
  • Stony skin
  • Under Passage
  • Stone Shaping
  • Find ore
Game Mechanics for Magic

David Tannen

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