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The Rogues Great Folly - Big Change

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On the 21st of Siem in the year of 176 AoE, the Alexandrian army with a company of Mehgarth mages left the safety of Alexandria to engage the Marian mercenary army.  The Marian mercenaries quickly formed battle lines and prepared to destroy the advancing army.  As the Marian commanders and their battle mages prepared their troops with magic, they realized many of their most powerful magical abilities had been stripped from them.


Without their most powerful combat enhancing magic, the Marian mercenaries would no longer be able to dominate the battlefield as they had.  By the end of the day the Marian mercenaries were able to start a long hard retreat back to the eastern portion of the Kingdom of Rogues and hopeful home to The Scipion Empire (Skip-I-On).


In the eastern portion of the Kingdom of Rogues the Mauryan mercenary army experienced the same loss of combat magic.  In the end they were able to retreat to their base of operations and hold it.


No one knows exactly why both the Mauryan and Marius magic was reduced so dramatically on that day.  Mages have speculated the energies used for the Mauryan and Marius types of magic had been drained and needed time to recover.  Priests from all orders believe it has something to do with part of the Concordat of the Illimitable Tome.


Whatever the reason, on the 21st of Siem in the year of 176 AoE the peoples from The Realm of Quintus and The Scipion Empire (Skip-I-On) were reminded there are forces that will restrain their violent ways.

David Tannen

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