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The Rogues Great Folly - First battle

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The first battle caught the Marian’s off guard because they did not know the terrain very well.  Alexandria’s Army included cavalry, Wangai, Koori, and Hammehish (Realm of Frost) companies which combined with their superior knowledge of the terrain allowed the Alexandrian Army to virtually rout the Marian mercenary army.  The Marian’s suffered some loses, about 100 men killed and another 200 wounded.  The Marian mercenary army retreated almost 10 miles.  Tthe Alexandrian army thought tthey had routed the Marian mercenary army.


The Alexandrian army thought the war was over and headed back to Alexandria.  On the second night the army celebrated, more than they should have.  As the sun rose at dawn the sleeping and barely recovered Alexandrian Army discovered why Marian warriors are some of the most dangerous opponents on Nyonia.  The Marian mercenaries regrouped, some of the commanders who allowed their units to run during the previous battle had been sacrificed to Agrik after their retreat.


The Marian mercenaries using their well-honed battle tactics and battle magic steadily marched into the Alexandrian army camp and proceeded slaughter many members of the Alexandrian Army.  The Marians were able to destroy the entire Alexandrian cavalry by killing all the horses in their makeshift stables.  Hardly a Wangai or Koori escaped alive.  The remnants of the Alexandrian Army had a fighting retreat back to Alexandria.  The initial attack killed almost 2000 soldiers in the Alexandrian Army.  On the retreat back another 500 were killed and a total of 1500 were captured.  All the wounded were immediately put to death.


The Alexandrian Army started with 10,000 soldiers but only 5,000 returned and many of those were severely wounded.  The Marian mercenary army had lost a total of 250 men dead and an additional 100 wounded

David Tannen

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