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The Rogues Great Folly - Beginnings

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The Chief Administrator had ordered a routine audit of the tax revenue and had much to his dismay discovered that the Realm of the Seven Ports. had been cheating them of the taxes his nation imposed on other nations for the use of their roads to trade. Looking to punish the Realm of the Seven Ports. for the lost tax revenue and possibly recover some of the lost revenue, the Chief Administrator hired as many mercenaries from The Scipion Empire (Skip-I-On) as he could find.  The Kingdom of Rogues eventually recruited ten strong companies of mercenaries, which totaled 2,000 men. 


The war he would start would see his own nation crippled.


Spies from the Realm of the Seven Ports. became aware of mercenary army and hired mercenaries companies to supplement their own army.  By the time the Marian mercenaries had invaded the Realm of the Seven Ports., they had an army totaling 10,000, which became known as Alexandria’s Army (named for the capital of the Realm of the Seven Ports.). 

David Tannen

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