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Creation Stories

The Great Beginning

In the beginning, there was simply the One, The All. There was no space, for all resided in the same space. There was no time, for all existed at the same time; an eternal moment. The One was unchanging and still. Then something stirred. The One came to know itself. To find meaning, the One looked inward. All realities; all beings, objects and happenings as we know them were contained within the All, the One. As the One looked deep within itself, it began to separate its consciousness to view the myriad of possibilities contained within the All. These newly separated consciousnesses manifested as the great primal forces. They realized difference for the first time, and struggled amongst each other for dominance. These primal forces are what the uninitiated call the First Gods. The First Gods then manifested a second wave of consciousnesses to serve them in their struggles. These beings the uninitiated call the Lesser Gods. Great wars were fought, the likes of which the mortal minds cannot comprehend. The universe became alive as realities sprang into being and faded, lost in the warping of the First God's conflicts. Eventually, the First Gods made peace and the realities known as The Celestial Jewels came into being. The First God's released their servants from any obligation of service. The Lesser Gods did not know any other way but to continue their conflict amongst each other. They still quarrel to this day; the Lesser Gods have forgotten who they are. Only Siem truly remembers.

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