Koori Afterlife and Burial rights

Koori. Life, Death, and Burial Beliefs.

Life as we know it.

Ilvir is known throughout the land as the god responsible for the cycle of life. It is He that is responsible for how life progresses. In the earliest of ages life was first brought to the world by the gods. Life during this time was endless; there was no procreation, no death, and no birth. All beings were for all intents and purposes were immortal. They existed only to serve the gods. Life was not plentiful in the world of Nyonia.

After the time of the early ages of the gods had passed changes throughout Nyonia started to occur. The first of the new gods to start this change was Ilvir. Ilvir observed how the immortal beings left behind by the gods had no purpose. To give the immortals purpose Ilvir designed a system of life and death. He mortality to mos of the immortals and gave to them the gift of procreation and growth.  Peoni and Halea gave the offspring of the first immortals the gift of fertility and love so that they may continue to procreate. Now that procreation was possible it was also possible to have young that grow to maturity and then old age. With the three gods working in tandem all life on Nyonia has become mortal, save the few immortals who were kept for other purposes.

Ilvir and Thrak.

Ilvir took his creation, the strongest of the immortals, named Thrak to serve him. Thrak was given the job as the gate keeper of the afterlife. Ilvir gave Thrak sole responsibility of deciding who is able to pass into The Land of Good Hunting (Koori version of heaven). Any of those that are not allowed into The Land of Good Hunting must stay in The Abyss of No Honor (Koori purgatory). Thrak, being the strongest of immortals, will not allow the weak, the invalid, the damaged, or anyone that is not whole into The Land of Good Hunting. Thrak also requires specific burial rights before he will allow anyone into the Land of Good Hunting.

Burial Rights

After a person’s passing their soul stays in The Abyss of No Honor and for that person to be allowed into The Land of Good Hunting the kin of the one that passed must honor them through burial rights. Only then will they gain the acceptance of Thrak.

The body is wrapped in honorable cloth that holds the colors of their house (House colors are akin to a coat of arms). The body is then elevated on an arrangement of sticks and logs at least 5 layers tall. Each layer the sticks are the base that holds the logs in a triangle with the peak facing south. The body is laid on top with the head facing south. Long burning candles are placed at all 3 points of the largest triangle that lay at the bottom. They candled must burn for at least 16 hours’ time. When the candles reach the end the flame catches on the kindling at the points of the triangle and finally the mound is lit.

During the burning of the candles is the time for prayer, remembrance, and the Citing of Honor to Thrak. The Citing of Honor is a ritual where family speaks aloud to all in attendance the actions the person has taken life to keep honor. When the candles finish burning and have lit the kindling on the 3 points of the triangle the dead has been accepted into The Land of Good hunting. When the body burnt by the fire and turned to ash blown away in the wind Thrak is receiving the ash of the body to reconstruct them in The Land of Good Hunting.

The Afterlife

There are only two realms in the afterlife. The first being The Abyss of No Honor. This is where everyone goes that does not have honor in life. The Abyss of No Honor is place of nothing. There is no sound, no sight, and no smell. It is eternal. A person that is dismembered has had their honor taken from them. A person that has not had proper burial rights has not had their honor accepted by Thrak and must stay in The Abyss of No Honor. Someone that has slain another without honorable cause is without honor. Someone that does not help others in their life is also without honor.

The other afterlife realm is The Land of Good Hunting. This is where those who die with honor and/or have had their honor proven to Thrak by burial right go. Here a person has wide open lands with many different types of prey. All prey available is the person’s favorite prey. Every hunt is challenging, thrilling, and successful. Those that were not good hunters before find themselves expert hunters. All family and loved ones that have honor are here. Those that lead honorable lives and helped others are accepted here. Those that hunted well for their family have honor and are accepted here. For the few people that died in war or honorable battle in lands apart are accepted here even though proper burial rights could not be given. In these cases a mock ceremony is accepted by Thrak since he already knows of their honor received in death. Finally, honor that has been taken can be given back to the deceased. This can be done if the deceased is honorably avenged by the living and then given additional burial rights.

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