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In Nyonia there is an afterlife. When someone dies they will pass into one of two realms. Most every race has a different name for the two realms and different beliefs about what these realms contain. There are also some that refuse to believe in the existence of the afterlife altogether. No one knows for sure what the two realms contain but great thinkers of the world have theorized that the afterlife changes to be what you believe it contains.


The first of these realms is Purgatory. The Purgatory realm is a holding place for the dead that have not been allowed into the next afterlife realm, also known as Utopia. All dead enter Purgatory upon their passing. The dead will either remain in Purgatory permanently or be allowed to pass into Utopia. For the dead to enter the next afterlife realm the immortal being named Thrak, also known as Thrak - The Gate Keeper, must allow them to pass. Beliefs vary widely between races about what happens in Purgatory.

Some common beliefs are:

  • Purgatory is a realm of nothingness.
  • Purgatory is a realm where all sins must be repented before they can be accepted into Utopia.
    • This is a commonly held belief by the Wangai
  • Purgatory is realm where dead must spend eternity testing strength and honor until Thrak deems them worthy.
    • Most Marius and Hallstatt believe in this.


The second realm of the afterlife is Utopia. The dead will pass into this realm after the immortal Thrak has deemed them worthy to go beyond Purgatory. The mass majority of races believe that In this realm the dead experience pure joy and experience that makes them happy and that they will be able to be with loved ones that have passed on and been accepted into this realm.

Thrak and the Afterlife

When Ilvir designed the Cycle of Life that all mortals are part of he put the Thrak in charge of who is allowed into the Next afterlife realm. Ilvir created Thrak for this task because and made him the strongest of all the immortals. Thrak has strict codes of honor and ethics that he adheres to and if any of the dead do not meet is requirements he will not allow them to pass from Purgatory to Utopia. Since this is widely known all races of Nyonia have adopted cultural burial rights to gain Thrak's approval.

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