Nyonian Religions

Nyonians practice a curious form of polytheism that might be called henotheism. Nyonian society acknowledges the existence of numerous gods and goddesses, but expects each individual to devote him/herself to the worship of just one of those gods. Which god an individual worships is usually a function of family/tribal tradition or social expectations— not a personal or individual choice. Individuals are often described as being an Adherent of Agrik or Adherent of Peoni, etc. Some Nyonians do not follow any gods. These individuals are are not necessarily atheists, but they they have, for whatever reasons, declined to be followers of any of Nyonia's gods.

Ritual Languages

Three of Nyonians' churches utilise private secret languages in their services. These languages are closely bound up with church ritual and are taught only to priests of the respective faiths.

David Tannen

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