Concordat of the Illimitable Tome

This agreement among the gods prevents them from waging war directly against one another. The concordat was created by the First Gods and they insure the gods of Nyonia obey it. The concordat has the following principles:

  • Principle of Ineluctability: mortal minds can not comprehend divine purpose.
  • Principle of Transpotence : the gods are not omnipotent.
  • Principle of Preservation : the gods can not destroy Nyonia
  • Principle of Reaction : divine interventions can be countered by other divine interventions.
  • Principle of Proxy : the gods can only act against each other through mortals.
  • Principle of Faith: the gods are reluctant to provide proof of their existence, preferring to act by way of natural forces when possible.
  • Principle of Interference: the gods are more likely to aid their own followers than act directly against another deity's followers.
  • Principle of Piety : a divine intervention must be requested by a follower.
  • Principle of Revelation : the gods can not give unearned knowledge to their followers.
  • Principle of Force: the gods will use the minimum of force possible.
  • Principle of Self-interest: the gods are never obliged to act against their own interests
  • Principle of Temporal Integrity: the gods can not change the past.

Note that the gods are bound by this agreement, but there is some debate over how strongly they are bound to the agreement. Agrik, for instance, may be considering attacking Larani directly, which flies in the face of the Concordat's Principle of Proxy.

David Tannen

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